Photo / Video

Тatran - Vardar (video, SEHA Gazprom - 03.02.2018)

Vardar beat Tatran 30-22 in SEHA Gazrprom league game.


Vardar junior - Borec (13.12.2017)

Our second team in VIP Super league, Vardar junior ended 2017 with victory 24-16 versus Borec.

Photo: Denis Dukovski

Gorenje - Vardar (SEHA, 13.12.2017)

Vardar beat Gorenje 30:24 in Velenje in SEHA Gazprom league finishing the year without a single loss.

Photo: Slavko Kolar


Вардар - Металург (видео, СЕХА - 09.12.2017)

Vardar needed only 20 minutes to show why they are champions in the SEHA and the Champions League. They not only defeated Metalurg with 31:24 (12:14), but they showed that although it is the end of the 1st part of the season, their shape is on a top level. This was Vardar's 9th triumph in all mutual matches with Metalurg within the SEHA League. We continued our series of 16 matches without a defeat in the regional competition and this is our 15th triumph in a raw in 2017

Vardar - Vojvodina (video, SEHA - 05.12.2017)

Vardar beat Vojvodina 37-22 in SEHA Gazprom league


Rhein Neckar - Vardar (video, 26.11.2017)

Vardar draw 21-21 in Germany versus Rhein Neckar in round 9 in VELUX EHF Champions League


Vardar - Rhein Neckar (video, CL - 18.11.2017)

European champion Vardar retein top position in group A after round 8, beating Rhein Neckar 30-26

Vardar - Rhein Neckar (photo, CL - 18.11.2017)

European champion Vardar retain leading position in group A in CL, beating 30-26 Rhein Neckar


Vardar - Dinamo (video, SEHA - 14.11.2017)

Vardar celebrate their 13 wins in row in SEHA Gazprom league, after beat Dinamo Pancevo 42-32


Vardar - Dinamo (photo, SEHA 14.11.2017)

Vardar beat Dinamo Pancevo 42-32 in SEHA Gazprom league.

Photo: Denis Dukovski