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Vardar - NEXE (video, SEHA - 13.03.2018)

Vardar end regular part of SEHA Gazprom league with 17 wins, and in last round beat Nexe 29-25.


Vardar - Nexe (SEHA - 13.03.2018)

Vardar is first team in history of SEHA Gazprom league with 17 wins in one seasons from 18 games.. Also Vardar have 52 points which is also ne SEHA record. In last match from regular season Vardar beat Nexe 29-25 (11-12).

Photo: Denis Dukovski

Vardar - Celje (SEHA, 13.02.2017)

Vardar remain on first position in SEHA Gazprom league after beat Celje, 35-27 (20-10)


Vardar - Celje (photo, SEHA - 13.02.2018)

Another win for Vardar in SEHA Gazprom league. In round 14, Vardar beat Celje 35-27 (20-10). 

Photo: Denis Dukovski

Barcelona - Vardar (video, CL - 10.02.2018)

Barcelona beat Vardar 39-28 in game of EHF Champion League


Meshkov - Vardar (video, SEHA - 01.02.2018)

Vardar won one points in Brest, Belarus versus Meshkov. Result 25-25 in SEHA Gazprom league

Тatran - Vardar (video, SEHA Gazprom - 03.02.2018)

Vardar beat Tatran 30-22 in SEHA Gazrprom league game.


Vardar junior - Borec (13.12.2017)

Our second team in VIP Super league, Vardar junior ended 2017 with victory 24-16 versus Borec.

Photo: Denis Dukovski

Gorenje - Vardar (SEHA, 13.12.2017)

Vardar beat Gorenje 30:24 in Velenje in SEHA Gazprom league finishing the year without a single loss.

Photo: Slavko Kolar


Вардар - Металург (видео, СЕХА - 09.12.2017)

Vardar needed only 20 minutes to show why they are champions in the SEHA and the Champions League. They not only defeated Metalurg with 31:24 (12:14), but they showed that although it is the end of the 1st part of the season, their shape is on a top level. This was Vardar's 9th triumph in all mutual matches with Metalurg within the SEHA League. We continued our series of 16 matches without a defeat in the regional competition and this is our 15th triumph in a raw in 2017