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Vardar - Kiel (CL, 12.10.2019)

Kiel beat Vardar in round 4 in EHF Champions League, 31-20 

Photo: Denis Dukovski

Vardar - NEXE (SEHA, 24.09.2019)

The tradition continues and all matches played in Skopje in the SEHA Gazprom league between Vardar and Nexe are won by home players. The current champion of the SEHA League needed 45 minutes to make a bigger lead and ultimately triumph with 27-25 (14-14). Vardar has six points, and Croatian remain at bottom of Group B after three games played.

Photo: Denis Dukovski

Vardar - Porto (CL - 22.09.2019(

Vardar beat Porto in EHF CL group B game, 32-27.

Kielce - Vardar ( CL- 14.10.2018)

Kielce beat Vardar 31-27 in round 5 in EHF Champions League

Photo: Anna Benicewicz-Miazg

Veszprem - Vardar (CL - 29.09.2018)

Another club record. Vardar beat Veszprem in Hungary, 27-25


Vardar - Metalurg (04.05.2018)

Vardar beat Metalurg 37-18, which is bigest win for Vardar in city derby in history


Vardar - NEXE (video, SEHA - 13.03.2018)

Vardar end regular part of SEHA Gazprom league with 17 wins, and in last round beat Nexe 29-25.


Vardar - Nexe (SEHA - 13.03.2018)

Vardar is first team in history of SEHA Gazprom league with 17 wins in one seasons from 18 games.. Also Vardar have 52 points which is also ne SEHA record. In last match from regular season Vardar beat Nexe 29-25 (11-12).

Photo: Denis Dukovski

Vardar - Celje (SEHA, 13.02.2017)

Vardar remain on first position in SEHA Gazprom league after beat Celje, 35-27 (20-10)